• People fall into one of four categories when it comes to washing their bum:

    1. They shove the bar of soap used for their whole body up their bum.
    2. They shove their loofah/rag up their bum.
    3. They shove their hand up their bum.
    4. They do not wash their bum at all.
  • Benefits to using Booty Suds:

    • Prevents the spread of bacteria and fecal matter
    • Enhanced overall hygiene
    • Reduces the risk of infection
    • Improved odor control

    • A new profound sense of confidence


Customer Testimonial.

"Before I started using Booty Suds, my life was in shambles. My wife didn't respect me. I got fired from my job. My home was foreclosed on. It was truly a dark time. Everything changed when I bought my first bar of Booty Suds and revolutionized my shower routine. I rekindled my marriage. I'm now a CEO. I live in a mansion. I will never look back and be a loyal customer for life."

-Michael Johnson


Can I use a bar of Booty Suds on my whole body and face?

That is not the intended use of this product. Booty Suds is designed to be a designated bar of soap for your butt crack.

How long does the average bar of Booty Suds last?

The average bar of Booty Suds lasts for as long as two months, and it does hold up its triangular prism shape.

How do I use a bar of Booty Suds?

  1. Place bar of soap, with the logo facing outward, on the palm of your hand.
  2. Rinse bar of soap in water.
  3. Gently glide bar of soap between buttocks for proper sanitation.
  4. Rinse bar of soap in water.
  5. Spread cheeks to allow the water to rinse your bum.

What is the meaning of life?

The answer is within you.